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When leaders make poor decisions

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

“J.D. Power: Styling biggest reason people reject Acura”


Is this a face only a mother (or father) could love?

Car enthusiasts howled about their favorite Acuras having been hit with a ‘fugly’ virus. Acura sales did increase by 24% this year after Honda leadership successfully performed this nose job to all of its luxury-line vehicles. However, this same leadership has just promised its dealers future Acuras with reshaped proboscises within six months. This unusually fast remodeling suggests leadership believes their original styling decision was lacking.

How do such miscalculations happen?

Hot leaders rush to market and are either really right (the original Ford Mustang and the Chrysler Minivan) or really wrong (the $68,000 VW Phaeton).

Cool leaders over-think and over focus-group and get an Edsel, or a New Coke.


It’s the thinking AND pushing combination combined with getting follow through that leads somewhere.

Just watch Alan Mullaly at Ford. Ford tried its new nose out on concept cars, rolled them out on one or two models, and then spread the look across the line. Thoughtful, in-time action with sustained follow through resulting in success in the marketplace without the howls that greeted the new Acuras.

Data Porn: An addiction in the executive suite

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010


Data porn is the addiction to data that has no redeeming value.


Some Cool Leaders show the same fascination with data that video game fanatics show for the latest role playing games. Slide after slide, graph and chart one after another. They believe if some data is good, lot’s of data is even better. They bombard the world with data. But information for information’s sake is self-indulgence and data without heart has no champion. What’s the point?

We’ve all seen it. A leader so cool that he or she freezes all activity, all energy, all momentum. People fall asleep, or daydream about a trip to Tahiti or being beamed up to the Starship Enterprise.

What’s the home test for this addiction? Ask yourself: “Do I have the smarts to know when to stop thinking and start moving?” If that question either offends you or makes no sense to you, repeat after me “ I am (your name here) and I am addicted to data porn.”