When Leaders think things are going great.


“How did that meeting go?”

Many leaders leave a meeting patting themselves on the back while the other participants are left muttering: “I’ve just lost an hour of my life that I can never get back.”


So it depends on who you ask.

This happens all the time.

For instance, last week, I noticed these two headlines, the first from The New York Times, the second from The Wall Street Journal:

Senate Passes 9/11 Health Bill as Republicans Back Down

9/11 Health-Care Bill Is Revised in Bid for GOP Support for Ill Ground Zero Workers.

Were the reporters at the same meeting? Were the Republicans backing down or being courted in those sessions?

This happens in every day organizational life many more times than leaders realize.

When I confront the leader on this disparity, a typical Hot Leader’s response is:

“Screw the few naysayers. I told everyone what was important. Everyone heard me and got it.”

My response is:

“And how is it that you know what people ‘got’?”

The Cool Leader’s response to the disparity is:

“We took the time to analyze the data and we’ll get there.”

My response is:

“And how do you know you’ll get there in time?”

How do YOU assess the success of YOUR meetings?


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